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For any company in the aerospace industry minimising risk and maximising profitability is an eternal priority.

Satair Group helps airlines, MRO’s and OEM’s meet this ongoing challenge without compromising service and support levels.Group Portfolio Model

We do this by integrating the entire aerospace value chain and ensuring both ends of the market are continually connected.

We call this integrated aftermarket solutions.

This is possible because Satair Group builds on the superior skillsets of a global parts supply leader, supporting all major aircraft families from an extensive OEM network and a worldwide material and logistics management expert in parts services and support.                 

With a complete material management portfolio supporting the entire lifecycle of any type of aircraft Satair Group delivers true excellence in integrated aftermarket solutions for all airlines and MRO’s and connects all our OEM business partners to the global market.

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Manja Brichmann Andersen

Press Contact

If you have any questions on Satair Group, our PR and communication activities or the like, please contact;

Manja Brichmann Andersen
Head of Marketing and Communication Copenhagen, Satair Group

Tel: +45 20 77 51 10
e-mail: maba@satair.com