Satair Quality

As one of the global leaders in the aerospace aftermarket business, Satair is committed to being a world-class in everything we do

We are dedicated to creating a flexible, dynamic and efficient company which exceeds the customers' needs and expectations at all times. Through continuous improvement and innovation, we permanently keep our quality management system updated.

Satair is approved to a variety of different standards. Please click on a legal entity of your choice to view the certificates.

To obtain information and evaluate Satair's Quality click on the link Satair Quality Manual and Satair Self Assessment.


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Who to Contact

For quality related inquiries, please contact

Head of Satair Group
Quality Management:

Julia Kluge

Henning Soegaard Larsen

Shun Chiew Loo

USA - Atlanta
Jorge Ortuzar

USA - Miami
Jorge Ortuzar

United Kingdom
Graham Betteridge

EASO Certificate

EASO Certificate

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