Ignition Leads

Champion ignition leads are designed and constructed to offer the most effective and efficient conduit between the engine exciter and igniter. They offer higher delivered energy than similarly constructed competitive brands, with lessflashover, greater shielding and increased airflow in air-cooled leads.

Whether our customers buy new FAA/PMA-approved replacement leads or choose to overhaul current leads, they are assured of quality, prompt delivery and maximum reliability.


Notable ignition lead applications

Please see below our most widely used and competitive ignition leads.

For further information on these and other ignition system components please contact your Satair Sales Manager.

  • CFM56, CF34 & CF6 leads
  • V2500 leads
  • PW4000 leads
  • Rolls Royce Trent 900 & 1000 leads
  • PW100-series and other turbo shaft leads

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