Reduction of Cost

With the Satair IPPĀ®, the customer reduces the handling and financing costs

Reduction of Handling Costs

  • Replacement of a large amount of the customers’ suppliers with Satair as the source
  • Performance monitoring and discrepancy handling carried out by Satair
  • Payment transactions conducted with Satair as the sole supplier
  • Improved overall delivery performance by Satair with a target of 95%
  • Full e-commerce and Spec2000 enabled product support


Reduction of Financing Costs

  • Reduction of inventory investment as Satair stocks parts across the demand from many airlines
  • Enhanced inventory management - Satair has an inventory turnover rate of approx. 3 compared to airline turnover rates of approx. 1


The Satair IPP® is an integrated part of the Satair Service Portfolio. The Service Portfolio is aimed at airlines and MROs and has full focus on total cost of ownership.

The Satair IPP® not only adds cost-saving value but also offers the opportunity to develop into a more lean operation in order to ease daily business.

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