Approach to supporting sustainability: Aircraft teardowns and supply chain

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Sustainability is rapidly becoming a top priority in aviation, as airlines strive to reduce their environmental and societal impact. The pandemic's effects have also been felt in the aftermarket, leading to optimised procurement processes and increased use of USM supply to compensate for disruptions in the supply chain.

In this webinar, we delve into the challenges and opportunities that global sourcing currently addresses, with a special focus on sustainability. We're joined by Tommy Hughes, CEO of VAS, and Allan Riis, Director of Satair Market marketplace. They provide insights into the future of the aviation aftermarket and potential solutions to meet customer demand.

What you will get out of this session:

  • An introduction to sustainable practices in the aviation aftermarket.
  • How customer demand is shaping the strategy for USM and other non-new condition products.
  • The role of marketplaces in driving customer demand through global availability transparency.
  • The upcoming tangible actions to embark on a sustainable journey.

Whether you're working towards sustainability goals or simply interested in how the aviation industry is meeting these challenges, sign up to access our webinar. You'll gain valuable insights from industry experts.

About the speakers:

Tommy Hughes, CEO of VAS Aero Services

Tommy Hughes, a professional with over 30 years in the aviation and aerospace industry, currently serves as the CEO of VAS Aero Services. He has a wealth of experience in senior technical, marketing, and sales roles, with particular expertise in engine MRO services. Under his leadership, VAS saw a period of unprecedented growth and expanded its global reach. In 2022, he led the successful acquisition of VAS by Satair, securing its place in the Airbus family of companies. Tommy's previous roles include working with Delta Airlines’ Tech Ops, where he led engine maintenance operations. He is renowned for his strategic direction, revenue generation, and overseeing worldwide sales and marketing activities.

Allan Riis, Director of the Satair marketplace business line

Allan leads our digital go-to-market efforts. He’s known for innovative thinking and merging business strategy with company goals. With a background in business development, corporate strategy, and consulting, Allan excels in analyzing situations, setting directions, and making successful changes. His experience includes major company restructuring and founding an IT and business consulting startup.