Potable water management: Save fuel and meet your sustainability goals

Sustainability | Dec 08, 2020 | By Satair | 4 min read

Whether you’re an airline executive, an operator, or ground crew, a potable water management system offers many advantages. International Water-Guard’s Pre-Select system provides substantial fuel savings as a result of reduced water weight.

For the sake of argument, let’s say that your airline is making a significant effort to reach specific sustainability goals. According to research validated by IATA, managing potable water volume is a substantial way to reduce weight and decrease fuel consumption, thus reducing carbon emissions.

“The fuel savings are big. Airlines are looking for any way to limit weight, even to the extent of reducing olives in a salad, or peanuts as a snack. By managing potable water weight to the level that our Pre-Select system does, airlines can save hundreds of pounds per flight,” explains Steven Bis, President of International Water-Guard Industries (IWG).

“Beyond that, airlines can benefit from carbon emission reduction and show the world that this industry cares and is doing something about reducing carbon emissions. Finally, an airline can take the extra 400lbs (181kg) or so we just saved, and use that to sell 400lbs (181kg) of cargo capacity. At $50-80 per lb. for cargo, that can really add up quickly and bring ROI down in a matter of months.”

If that's not enough to convince you, let's take a look at some of the other key advantages of installing a Pre-Select system in your aircraft.

Water weight management: Are you starting from scratch or further optimising your system?

Data Storage

As we described in our piece Water weight management: Are you starting from scratch or further optimising your system, if you aren’t measuring and storing the data of your aircraft’s water usage per flight, you'll never be able to optimise your potable water system properly.

According to Steven Bis, the Pre-Select system does precisely that in a simple and intuitive way, making it easy to configure and customise water levels on the fly and also audit your water management system and configure it on a flight-by-flight basis.

“Pre-Select determines exactly how much water is actually needed on any given flight. This will enable airlines to save weight without the guesswork of wondering if they will run out of water. It enables airline operators the direct management of real-time cost savings data provided by the Pre-Select system.”

Flight Planning & Operations

The water usage data collected will enable the crew or dispatch to see the recommended water level for any given flight length. IWG's Pre-Select system uses proprietary software to assess the water usage data to help in-flight planning. The beauty of this system is that ground crews don’t even need to know it’s installed. Their exact job function doesn’t change with or without the system.

How does potable water management work? And what does it cost?

Images of International Water Guard Pre-Select dashboards

Component Health Management

Beyond assessing water usage, the Pre-Select system also monitors the components within the potable water system to determine their continued efficacy.

“The Pre-Select system also signals when it needs to be calibrated to maintain its 1% accuracy. The calibration is a simple push of a button,” explains Steven Bis.


Arguably, the best kind of ground crew training when rolling out a new system is no training at all. This is the case with the Pre-Select system.

The touch screen system is designed to be intuitive and straightforward, and removes the ground crew from the management process altogether—when they're filling the water, they won’t even know the system is installed. The water overflows when it hits the target, and the ground crew will get the same visual indicator they always have.


In the last year, CORSIA has taken centre stage. We reported recently on CORSIA and carbon offsetting: A look at the challenges and opportunities, and the list of airlines opting in has driven sustainability into the aviation limelight.

When searching for ways to incrementally edge your airline towards greener solutions, the Pre-Select system is a small-investment, high-ROI solution. It places the control of potable water weight management in the hands of your flight crew or dispatch and guarantees carbon emission savings on a perpetual basis—a definite win-win by anyone’s account.

Start saving on fuel costs with no upfront payment

The Pre-Select system can be implemented free of charge. You simply reimburse us each year from the savings you make in your fuel costs. 

It works like this. We supply you with the Pre-Select system. Then you pay us 75% of the calculated savings you make each year in your fuel costs. You get to keep the remaining 25% of your savings. You also get to keep the Pre-Select system as soon as you have paid the cost in full.

If the price of fuel rises, you’ll save more in fuel costs but your yearly payments will also increase. You’re always free, however, to purchase your Pre-Select system from us, at a cost equal to the amount that remains unpaid.

If you have any questions about this offer and how it works, please don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form below.