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Freely accessible training content on key topics in material management

Freely accessible training content on key topics in material management

Learn from our experts in the "Meet the Experts" videos and meet our trainers in the "Expertise to Go" videos and let's discuss in our live Q&A sessions. For any specific training demand fill out your contact details in the form on this page.

Meet the Experts:

GSE & Tools

How does Airbus manage the operations of GSE and tools, and what are the challenges when it comes to tools sourcing? This video covers:

  • Tools and GSE operations
  • Global setup
  • Challenges for sourcing and planning

Meet the Experts:

Modification Kits and Service Bulletins

What are modification kits, and what are service bulletins? This video covers:

  • Modification kits operations
  • Challenges in analysing a service bulletin
  • Skywise application


Material Management Seminars presents Expertise to go:

Spares Access Concepts

Different material requires different handling. Learn about the meaning and differences of spares ownership versus contracts with service providers offering various access concepts. This video covers:

  • Own stock
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Pooling

Material Management Seminars presents Expertise to Go:

Transport Management in the Aviation Industry

Managing transport logistics in the aviation industry is complex due to various reasons. Incoterms regulate the business and identify the responsibilities of the buyer and seller when it comes to the delivery of a spare part from A to B. This video covers:

  • Complexity in Transport Management
  • Incoterms
  • Responsibilities and hand over point

Material Management Seminars presents Expertise to Go:


Airworthiness is bound by law and ensures that safety is given throughout the whole life cycle of an aircraft and supply chain. This video covers:

  • Definition of airworthiness
  • Initial airworthiness and continuing airworthiness
  • Airworthiness sets of legislated regulations
  • Release certificates
  • Aviation authorities

Expertise to go:

Release Certificates

In the aviation industry, it isn't only required to have the right part available. The part also needs to have the right airworthiness certificate.

This video will cover:

• Authorised release certificates
• International standards for aviation safety, security and efficiency
• How release certificates ensure that parts are safe


Material Management Seminars presents Expertise to Go:

Podcast: Material Planning

The planning of spare parts in the aviation industry is essential to maintaining the fleet and keeping aircraft flying. This podcast covers:

  • Understanding spare parts from a planner's point of view
  • Planning approaches for expendable and rotable parts
  • Satair's reaction to the current situation

Music used in the podcast: "Robo-Western" Kevin MacLeod (, Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License,

Material Management Seminars presents "Meet the Experts":

Repair Services

Repair, Exchange and Lease are services for Airbus Proprietary parts. Major Repair describes all repair activities on the aircraft.

This video covers:

  • Operations for repair, exchange and lease services
  • Mean Shop Processing Time
  • Major repair supply chain

Material Management Seminars presents:

New Virtual Training (Blended Learning)

Check-in to our virtual classrooms for hands-on knowledge and learn about the essentials in Material Management. On top of tuition events and self-study phases, our learning journeys will give you the assets to define your personal learning goals for a successful implementation in your daily work. Let’s be prepared for the future. Together.

This videos covers:

  • Message from Claudia Wenzel, Head of Training Services
  • Virtual Training Schedule for 2021

Material Management Seminars presents Expertise to Go:

MTBUR: Reliability of rotables

The planning parameter "MTBUR" (Mean Time Between Unscheduled Removals) is vital when it comes to the planning of rotable spare parts. This video covers:

  • A breakdown of the exact meaning of MTBUR
  • The different types and applications of this parameter