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Mirandy Products, LLC is a successful global chemical company focused on serving the aviation, industrial, and sterilization markets. Our products are used for cleaning, maintenance, and odor control. For over 45 years, Mirandy has provided customers with high-quality, effective, safe, and cost sensitive cleaning products. Our leadership is driven by our customer service and commitment to customer needs. Through focusing on this, we ensure our customer is our first priority. Our mission is to provide effective, safe, and quality chemical cleaning products. We have maintained this mission, and we continue to be a leader in the cleaning chemicals industry. Mirandy operates an AS9120 and ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Quality Management System. We work with airlines, aircraft OEMs, airports, FBOs, and transport authorities to develop new products to fit our customers specific needs. We pride ourselves on the ability to collaborate on the development of new products in a timely manner. At Mirandy, we believe our effective specialty chemical products blended with our creativity and innovation supports all our customer’s needs. Mirandy’s line of aviation products is used in lavatories, in the interior of the airplane, on the exterior of the plane, and on airport runways. For lavatories, we provide effective toilet cleaning and deodorizing products. Throughout the interior of the cabin, our products clean the upholstery and the carpets of any airplane, as well as, deodorize any malodors. For exterior washing purposes, we provide an incomparable exterior wash for the airplane to remove any dirt that may form when flying. Our aviation products are unparalleled in the market.

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Legal address 825 Brickell Bay Drive, Suite 1648<br />N/A<br />Miami, 33131<br />USA National public holidays Christmas Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, New Years Day Registration number 83-4279498 DUNS number 068077130 Tax/VAT ID Number 83-4279498 REACH Compliance (for EU-based entities) NO RoHS Compliance NO Quality Classification based on Satair Market policy Category-C
Supplier who supplies/produces non civil aviation and non-aviation products, e.g. military parts and ground equipment suppliers
Expires 2025/07/06
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Seller grants Purchaser the right to inspect Products for a period of 15 business days immediately following delivery (“Inspection Period”). Purchaser must notify Seller in writing of any Products that do not conform to the specifications applicable to their sale within the Inspection Period. Purchaser must afford Seller a reasonable opportunity to inspect such Products and cure any nonconformity. If Purchaser fails to provide Seller with such written notice of nonconformity within the Inspection Period, Purchaser shall be deemed to have accepted the Products. Purchaser shall not return any Product without Seller’s prior written authorization. Any return authorized by Seller must be made in accordance with Seller’s return policies then in effect and must be accompanied by a Returned Goods Authorization (“RGA”) from Seller. Purchaser will be responsible for all costs and expenses associated with any returns of Products and will bear the risk of loss or damage of such Products, unless Seller agrees otherwise in writing or determines that the Products do not conform to the applicable terms of sale. Seller, in its sole discretion may reject any return of Product not approved by Seller in accordance with this paragraph or otherwise not returned in accordance with Seller’s then current-return policies.

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Delivery terms Ex Works (EXW) ISO9001 Expires 2024/11/16

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Main contact person Lindsey Mendelson Pearson Email lmendelson@mirandy.com Phone number 15164896800 Time zone UTC+5 Main contact person Ms.
Deborah Tweedy
Email dtweedy@mirandy.com Phone number 15164896800 Opening hours 8am-6pm EST Monday through Friday Time zone UTC+5
Main contact person Ms.
Lindsey Mendelson Pearson
Email lmendelson@mirandy.com Phone number 5164896800 Opening hours 9am-5 pm EST Monday through Friday Time zone UTC+5
Main contact person Ms.
Lindsey Mendelson Pearson
Email lmendelson@mirandy.com Phone number 15164896800 Opening hours 8am-6pm EST Monday through Friday Time zone UTC+5