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Having worked continuously with Aeroquip® brand products for more than half a decade, we have an expertise and dedication that cannot be duplicated.

Aeroquip® Aerospace brand products, manufactured by the Eaton Conveyance Systems Division, are well known, high quality products such as hose assemblies, quick disconnect hydraulic couplings, clamps, flanges, fittings and seals designed to meet the demanding requirements of the aerospace and defence industries.

We offer

  • Exclusive global distribution agreement on Eaton FED Aeroquip products.
  • The capability to produce many different types of hose assemblies in-house, which enables us to offer competitive prices, reduced lead times, and AOG service.
  • The largest Eaton FED Aeroquip stock offering and inventory in the world.
  • Dedicated product management resources to assist with any and all questions.
  • A 3rd party NADCAP Fluid Distribution Systems hose shop facility, with QPL and QML approvals from the Performance Review Institute (PRI).

Hydraulic Fly Away Kits

Prevent costly downtime of your Airbus and Boeing aircraft with our hydraulic Fly Away Kits designed to temporarily replace damaged hose assembles and rigid tubes to prevent delays of normal operations of an aircraft.

Customised kits to suit your needs

Satair offers hydraulic Fly Away Kits designed to temporarily replace damaged hose assemblies and rigid tubes. Kits can be delivered in low pressure (3,000 PSI) or high- pressure version (5,000 PSI). The repairs are approved for temporary use.

How to use the kit

The Kits can be placed in out-stations or onboard the aircraft.
The repairs are done by replacing the leaking hose or tube with one or more of the hose assemblies in the kit. The case has foam cut-outs in two layers for easy use and replenishment and hoses are covered by polyester, resistant to chaffing.

Rynglok® Fittings Kits

Eaton’s Rynglok® Fittings Kits make you able to quickly perform permanent repairs of hydraulic tubes. The kits are designed based on recommended quantities that should be stocked to avoid unforeseen costs on tube failures.

Rynglok® fittings are permanently attached by using a Rynglok® tool to perform repairs through axial swage.

Benefits of the kit

  • Designed for ease of use and replenishment resulting in higher productivity
  • One vendor, one receipt – clear visibility on transactions
  • Choices on making R8, R5 or a mix of R8 and R5 fittings kit
  • Consolidation of many parts into a single part number for full traceability
  • Faster maintenance turnaround times
  • Packaged in lightweight, watertight and strong HPX® Resin cases make the kits easy to transport


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