Satair Milestones

The history of Satair in brief

2014 - Satair Group is officially launched on January 1, 2014 as the merged organization between Airbus Material & Logistics Management and Satair A/S.In February, Satair Group opens its first joint Satair and Airbus facility in Singapore (The Satair Airbus Singapore Center - SASC) and in June, Satair Pte. Ltd in Singapore celebrates its 25 year anniversary.

2011 - As of November 2011 Satair A/S is unlisted from NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen to become 100% owned subsidiary of Airbus. Satair continues its current business as an independent brand under Airbus ownership.

2011 - Satair acquires Aero Quality Sales in the UK

2010 - Satair divests its OEM activities

2010 – Satair completes the purchase of Aero Hardware in the USA

2009 - Satair introduces SAP as new worldwide ERP system

2007 - Satair gathers all its business in Singapore under Satair Pte. Ltd.

2006 - Satair signs an agreement with TPA Strategic Holdings Ltd. for the acquisition of the latter's wholly-owned subsidiary TPA Pte. Ltd. (TPA) in Singapore.

2005 - Satair signs an agreement with US-based Pall Corporation (Pall) for the acquisition of the latter's distribution activities for Pall products in the commercial Aftermarket in North and South America

2005 - Satair gathers all its business - Aftermarket & OEM, under Satair A/S. Satair Hardware Group is no longer an independents unit.

2004 - Satair Hardware Group combines all of its UK operations to form Satair Hardware UK Ltd.

2003 - Acquisition of Lentern (Aircraft) Ltd and Lentern International Inc.

2001 - Satair merges its OEM activities with UK-based C.J.Fox & Sons Ltd. and establishes Satair Hardware Group

2000 - Satair's revenues exceed DKK1bn

2000 - Satair launches Satair Direct, the Group's e-commerce concept, and IPP, a new service concept

1999 - Satair acquires the Swiss company Control Products AG

1998 - Satair takes over of the French company Tecnomatic Aéronautique SA and establishes Satair France SA

1995 - Satair establishes a sales office in China

1997 - Satair A/S obtains listing on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange on June 3

1994 - Satair sets up a subsidiary in Malaysia

1994 - Knud Soerensen, Satair's CEO, retires at the age of 72 after 35 years with the company. John Staer is appointed his successor.

1992 - A heavy recession in aviation forces Satair to downsize, especially its activities within aircraft trade and rental

1988 - Satair sets up a subsidiary in Singapore

1986 - Satair sets up a subsidiary in the United States

1981 - Satair's facilities are devastated by fire

1980 - Satair has 65 employees and revenues beyond DKK100 million

1978 - The number of shareholders is increased, and the employees are offered Satair shares

1970 - Satair has 24 employees and annual net revenues of DKK20 million

1957 - Satair is founded

The beginning

It’s Monday evening. 11 people are gathered in a small apartment at Fiolstraede 24 in the centre of Copenhagen. They’re planning the work schedule for the coming week. DC-3 spares for the USA, Lycoming engine parts form the US destined for Egypt. It’s 1960. The fledgling company – Scandinavian Air Trading Co. A/S – has just hired its first real employee: a secretary who’ll spend her time handling mail and answering the telephone during the day. The 10 company founders handle all other work. On a voluntary basis…in the evenings…because they know they’re on to a good idea.

The adventure begins three years earlier – in 1957 – in the technical sales department at Scandinavian Airlines (SAS).

If you want to read more about the first 50 years of Satair’s history - how it all started back in 1957 and up until 2007, you can read the book.

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