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We are looking for Someone Special

Change is the only constant at Satair Group. The aviation industry is an ever changing – and fast moving environment. That calls for someone special – someone like you?

Satair Group is the strong common backbone of its two channel brands in the market – Airbus and Satair. With our global functional organisation spanning across ten different sites and locations worldwide, you are part of a truly global family.

The atmosphere at each of our offices – be it in Denmark, the US, the UK, Germany, Dubai, China, Singapore or Beijing – is welcoming and friendly and all sites are unique in the sense that they are staffed with people from many different backgrounds, competences and countries.

We believe in creating an open and supportive work environment for our colleagues, allowing everyone to be heard – regardless of location and rank. Our culture is non-bureaucratic, hands-on professional and our goal is to always let the decisions be made at the lowest possible level.

“It is a fantastic atmosphere that we have here at Satair Group! Everyone is very supportive of one another on each organizational level.”


Someone Driven

If you are able to adapt to new circumstances and challenges with a “can-do-attitude”, then you’ve come to the right place.

Being part of Satair Group means being part of a global teamwork. It’s your energy that both fuels and keeps our engines running all around the world!

We are dedicated to maintaining the spirit of being a flexible and dynamic company which exceeds the customers' needs and expectations at all times. After all, getting planes in the air and keep them flying isn’t a job that can be done by just anybody – it takes someone special with a can-do attitude. Someone like you?

Someone Curious

Satair Group is always interested in providing our employees with the best possible tools to cope with the industry changes and the challenges that come with them.

This is something that requires calmness and flexibility, even in times of turbulence. Since our growth is fueled by developing both existing and new products, services and concepts, there are many fantastic opportunities for your personal and professional development. We encourage curiosity and creativity within e.g. sales, customer support, product management, supply chain management and IT.

We value your opinion and ensure that employees across departments are always heard in terms of ideas for improvements of our business. It is our core belief that mutual adjustment is key to a great working environment, as well as creating success for our company.

Someone like you

If you are someone driven and someone curious – you are someone special and you will find Satair Group a rewarding place to work, grow and prosper!

Join Us

Join Us

Satair Group has more than 1,200 employees worldwide, more than USD 1.5bn in revenue and a vision to become the global market leader in the civil aircraft parts management business.

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Our Values

Customer & Supplier Focus

Global Teamwork

Can Do Attitude

World-Class Excellence

Being Innovative

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