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A long history of aircraft maintenance - from 1957 up until today...

How it all started back in 1957 - the Satair fundamentals

The fundamental business idea was to buy airlines' surplus spare parts and components, when they sold the old aircraft and bought new ones. Satair's strategy was to offer a reasonable cash amount for the whole stock and then find potential buyers around the world. In very simple terms know your customers needs, buy the goods at a low price and sell them with profit.


From 1970 through out the 1980s - expanding globally

During the 1970s, Satair obtained its first distribution rights to market and sell new spare parts from American manufacturers, who saw possibilities in being represented by Satair outside the home-market. Satair was now on its way into the business of distributing new spare parts. During the 80s Satair was ready to expand its global business. Satair USA was established in 1986 and two years later Satair turned towards the Asia/Pacific where Satair Asia was established in Singapore.


From 1990 to the Millennium - expanding services

In the beginning of the 1990s the authorities tightened up on the demands concerning the traceability and certifying of spare parts. During these years, Satair changed its strategy towards the distribution of brand new parts with 100% traceability and certification.

During the mid 1990s, Satair established representative offices in both Malaysia and China, and was now marketing Satair as a worldwide distributor with a completely identical business concept.

Two new services were also introduced, Satair Direct – an Internet and real-time based ordering system and IPP (Integrated Purchasing Program) – a flexible and innovative supply chain management solution for the difficulties related to sourcing low-usage parts.


From year 2000 to 2010 - expanding OEM acitivities

In April 2001, it was decided to merge Satair's OEM activities with the British C.J. Fox & Sons Ltd. This meant, that the OEM division together with the previously merged company in France (Tecnomatic) became a separate new company Satair Hardware Group Ltd. and with that one of the largest aerospace hardware distributors in Europe. The Satair Hardware Group expanded further in 2003, following the acquisition of competing businesses, Lentern (Aircraft) Ltd and Lentern International Inc.
In 2004 Satair maked the decision to strengthen its business by gathering both Aftermarket & OEM business under Satair A/S. Satair Hardware Group therefore no longer exists as an independent company.

The following year - end of 2005 - Satair signed an agreement with US-based Pall Corporation (Pall) for the acquisition of the latter's distribution activities for Pall products in the commercial Aftermarket in North and South America. Short after - in the beginning of 2006 - Satair signs an agreement with TPA Strategic Holdings Ltd. for the acquisition of the latter's wholly-owned subsidiary TPA Pte. Ltd. (TPA) in Singapore.


From 2010 to 2011 - expanding through acquisitions

Mid 2010 Satair made a preliminary agreement to acquire activities in AeroHardware, USA . AeroHardware is engaged in the processing and adaptation of hydraulic hoses for the aerospace industry and specializes in the products from Eaton Aerospace, Aeroquip hoses. The agreement is completed in August and the name of the facility changes to Satair USA inc., Miami.

With these acquisitions Satair became the worlds largest independent distributor of aircraft parts in the world.

In October 2010 Satair decided to divest its OEM activities to the US company B/E Aerospace to focus the business on the commercial aerospace aftermarket. In April 2011 Satair acquired, as part of the strategy to focus on services to the Aftermarket, the company Aero Quality Sales, specialized in distribution and servicing of Aviation batteries. The UK based facility of Aero Quality Sales will continue under the name Satair UK ltd.

In August 2011 Airbus made a voluntary recommended public offer to buy all the shares of Satair. As of November 2011 Satair A/S was unlisted from NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen to become a 100% owned subsidiary of Airbus.


From 2011 up until today - expanding with Airbus

Satair is today part of Satair Group -  a new company which was officially launched on January 1, 2014 as the merged organization between Airbus Material & Logistics Management and Satair A/S. 

Up until January 2014, Satair continued its business as usual as an Airbus subsidiary and Satair is still today a 100% stand-alone company and wholly-owned subsidiary of Airbus S.A.S However, now being part of Satair Group, Satair has gone from having approximately 400 employees world wide to being a part of Satair Group with more than 1,000 employees worldwide, more than USD 1bn in revenue and a vision to become the global market leader in the civil aircraft parts management.

In February 2014 Satair Group opens its first joint Satair and Airbus facility in Singapore and four months later, in June 2014, Satair Pte. Ltd in Singapore celebrates its 25 year anniversary.

Satair Group has continued to grow since 2014. First with the acquisition of Eltra Aeronautics Singapore in 2015, then a new facility in Miami 2016 and a new Kit Factory Unit in Hamburg 2017. The number of employees has in addition exceeded 1250 and the revenue reached 1.5bn.


Get to know the former Satair

Before Satair became part of Satair Group in January 2014, the company had already made history throughout two centuries in the parts management business.

If you want to read more about the first 50 years of Satair’s history - how it all started back in 1957 and up until 2007, you can read the book.

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