All material in stock are ready for pick-up within 24 hours

Satair ensures short lead times and eliminates Work Stoppage Fees

An important feedback from you refers to improving our delivery performance and shortening lead times. We have listened carefully and as a result, Satair will implement a 24-hour global delivery commitment in 2019 for all materials in stock ready for pick-up from all warehouses.

Over the past years, Satair has made significant operational progress to realise this commitment. The average duration per outbound order has strongly decreased and is already below 24 hours on average. We will measure our performance against this commitment with a target of 95% reliability to take effect in the second quarter of 2019. Beyond that, all AOG orders for materials in stock are ready to pick up in just 4 hours.

Thanks to the 24-hour delivery commitment, Customers will no longer need to expedite orders for parts in stock by using urgent stock replenishment priority (USR) or work stoppage priority (WSP). As a consequence, the WSP order fees applied to Airbus Proprietary Parts, Tools and Kits has been terminated as of 1st October 2018.

24H delivery

To deliver the improved performance targets, Satair has extended the global service centre opening hours and increased the number of highly dedicated employees. To drive this major evolution even further in the future, we will invest significantly in warehouse automation.

The 24-hour commitment applies to all electronic orders placed through AirbusSpares, SatairSpares and Spec2000 – from when your order is received until we inform your designated forwarder.

Specifically the commitment covers:

  • All our material categories (apart from hazardous goods)
  • Specific priorities such as routine (RTN), urgent stock replenishment (USR) and work stoppage (WSP).

If you prefer not to pick up your parts within 24 hours after placing the e-order, you can indicate this via the Ship Date Control (SDC) function for orders made via AirbusSpares or Requested Delivery Date (RDD) function for orders made via SatairSpares. For all non-stock items, our catalogue/supplier lead times apply as usual.

A320 neo

24H delivery


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