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Serving airlines and MROs worldwide, Satair  is a world leader within the commercial aftermarket and a truly global aerospace integrator

A typical passenger aircraft is made up of approximately 3 million different parts - and spare parts for routine maintenance are produced by more than 1,000 different manufacturers. Needless to say, this creates a very complex task at hand for all stakeholders in the global aerospace value and supply chain.

We deliver integrated services with everything from distribution, support and service; from insight into the technical components and the execution of repair to help minimise the repair turnaround time, to consistent performance against service levels that maximises parts availability and innovative service solutions that reduce the total cost of ownership.


Why you need Satair 

Parts manufacturers (suppliers) often lack the resources to maintain the necessary high level of contact with their many customers (airlines and MROs). At the same time, they often find it difficult to meet customers’ growing demands for logistics, documentation and e-commerce competencies. Adding to this complexity is the fact that airlines are seeking to limit the number of suppliers.

We integrate and bind together the parts manufacturers, the supplier side, with the customer side and the people who actually buy the parts, handling everything from parts distribution, support and service.


What Satair offers

Satair supports the complete life cycle of the aircraft with a full and integrated portfolio of flexible and value adding material management services and tailored support modules. This allows the customers to concentrate on their core business – the safe and cost effective operation of their aircraft.

Knowing that keeping the customers’ fleet in the air is essential to their success Satair is dedicated to delivering the right part, at the right place, at the right time and at the right cost.

Satair serves a dual role with an equal focus on suppliers on the one hand and customers on the other hand. Suppliers are just as much a customer to Satair as the traditional customers (airlines and MROs) are and this dual focus makes us the preferred aftermarket integrator.


How aircraft operators benefit

For the customers, our parts distribution, management and services, ensure cost reductions and increase profitability.

Aircraft operators need reliable delivery of spares – a single day of downtime for one aircraft can cost up to $500,000. The management of spare parts purchasing is very complex due to the large quantity of products, the large number of suppliers and varying delivery times. That is why many aircraft operators choose to collaborate with Satair. 


How parts manufacturers benefit

For the suppliers, we make sure that they comply with customer requirements; we optimise their supply chain management, ultimately increasing sales and reducing operational costs.

Part manufacturers need a professional business partner to market their products to a worldwide customer network. Satair provides both easy access to and local knowledge about the customers and the aviation industry, so the manufacturer can obtain the best possible performance.



Our Values

Customer & Supplier Focus

Global Teamwork

Can Do Attitude

World-Class Excellence

Being Innovative

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