Inclusion & Diversity

At Satair we embrace differences, empowering voices and foster equality

Inclusion and diversity are the bedrock of a progressive and successful company.

At Satair, we firmly believe that a diverse workforce fuels innovation, fosters creativity, and drives growth. With more than 80 nationalities working at Satair, one can definitely say that our company welcomes diversity. However, diversity at Satair does not stop here; for us, all employees from various walks of life contribute to our diversity landscape, be it in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, academics, professional expertise etc. This diversity will shine at its brightest when paired with the notion of inclusion, which is how our Satair environment will embrace and value this diversity.

To better promote inclusion and diversity (I&D), Satair formed an I&D Council, led by I&D Champions and supported by I&D Counselors. This Council is currently sponsored by our company’s CFO and fully backed by the Executive Leadership Team. Their main missions are to offer an Open Line people can connect to and promote I&D-related topics, activities and events.

But, why the effort?

At Satair, we strongly believe that by having I&D as a fully incorporated part of the company culture, we will be able to foster innovation, improve collaboration and engagement and, consequently, business performance. The Council’s initiatives are, as such, reflected through regular communications, events for employees and management, and even in our company’s KPIs.

We believe that inclusion & diversity can help Satair build a better tomorrow!

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