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With the new we strive to give you a more efficient and intuitive purchasing experience. Some of the new features are:


Effective search

You can search for parts by entering either the part number or a keyword. Results will appear as you type. You can use filters to restrict your search result.


You search for multiple products at once, by using drag and drop of a file containing your own list of product numbers, which will then be found in the shop.


The search results contain basic, easily readable information including certificate, price and availability.



Improved overview from product to cart to orders

We introduce product pages with the new Satair Market, which have unique URL’s and contain all the information you need, including certificate, manufacturer code, location, master data and measurements.


The cart gives an advanced overview of the availability of the desired products. If all parts are not available at the same location, you will be able to see the amounts available at different locations.


Your new order overview keeps track of all your current orders including manual and Spec2000 orders, which means that you can view the status of each order up until pickup by forwarder.



Status mails and preference centre

Besides following the status of your orders in your Order overview, we will be sending you notification mails. The following events trigger a notification mail from our system:

  • When the order has been placed
  • When the order goes into processing
  • When shipping of one or more of the ordered items is in progress
  • When the order has been picked up

The new Satair Market allows inquiries and orders for a broad range of aviation parts in new and used serviceable condition. Our product portfolio ranges from standard hardware material, to a large variety of OEM parts and tools. Furthermore, as an entity fully owned by Airbus, Satair is the sole authorized provider of structural parts and Airbus tools for all Airbus aircraft families.

Missing a product? Please contact us and we will assist you in finding what you need.