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If you would like to increase sales and reduce operational costs, you are in good company!

The aerospace industry operates in an ever-changing environment strongly influenced by factors that the players in the market have little possibility to influence. Manufacturers of aircraft spare parts face mounting pressure to streamline supply chain management, ultimately eliminating excess costs. But when it comes to customer service, the aerospace industry leaves little room for manufacturers to maneuver.

Failure to comply with customer requirements and agreed terms may have unfortunate consequences. Having the right business partner can therefore be the key to a successful result. More than 300 large and small aircraft parts manufacturers have already streamlined their operations and increased profits by working with Satair.


This is how we are here for you

Perhaps you would like to optimize your supply chain management, ultimately increasing your sales and reducing operational costs. Maybe you want to market your product more efficiently or extend your product support. Or maybe it’s the stocking, order fulfillment or shipping side of your business that could use a boost. Either way, Satair can help. Satair offers all of these services, and more, without you needing to invest in expensive new facilities, equipment, technology or staff. Since 1957, aircraft parts manufacturers worldwide have turned to Satair for innovative and customized solutions to their supply chain challenges.


We will tailor services to meet your exact needs, but these are the four most typical scenarios

  1. Full-service distribution
  2. IPP® (Integrated Purchasing Program)
  3. Warehouse services
  4. AOG services

No matter what your needs are, Satair’s reliable and proven supply chain solutions can help you increase your sales and reduce your overall operational costs.

For further details on each of the four services, please use the menu at left or click on each of the four services.


Integrated Purchasing Programme

Satair Integrated Purchasing Programme functions as an umbrella under which Satair manages an increasing portfolio of small and medium-sized suppliers


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