What can Additive Manufacturing do for you?

Ever imagined producing the parts you need on-demand when you need them? We make it possible.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) – known as 3D printing – is a fast-growing business and a very important part of our solutions to you. But what exactly is AM and how will it fit your demands?

AM is an emerging game-changer in our industry because it allows you to tailor the manufacturing of parts specific to your eminent needs. We believe AM will have an increasing impact on your business, and Satair is the partner best equipped to let you take advantage of all the possibilities already here and the innovation ahead.

Your key benefits with our AM solutions

  • Efficient production of small volumes 
  • Reduced lead times 
  • Higher parts availability and inventory reduction 
  • No need for costly manufacturing processes and tooling 
  • Parts redesign and weight saving potential
  • The road to mass customisation

Print both flying parts and tools

At Satair you get state of the art AM capabilities. Currently, we can produce more than 300 different certified flying parts and maintenance tools with more being added for both: polymer and metal applications. If you want to learn more about our offerings, please contact your account director.

The process of printing

  1. Defining your requirements
  2. Designing & 3D modelling
  3. Certification
  4. Additive Manufacturing
  5. Post processing
  6. Fast delivery