Conidia Bioscience FUELSTAT® jet fuel testing

FUELSTAT® technology is a method to detect levels of microbiological contamination. The technology reveals if you have low or high levels of contamination in aviation fuels – and you even get the results within just 10 minutes.

The FUELSTAT® resinae test is an immunoassay test. This means that we detect contamination by tracking material produced by our target organisms during growth on fuel.

Therefore, we do not need to capture a part of the living organism and grow it. This is important as the fungus we detect (hormoconis resinae, also known as cladosporium resinae or the jet fuel fungus) does not float around at the water/fuel interface. The fungus sticks to the bottom or sides of the tank.

What Conidia’s FUELSTAT® resinae test kit does for you

FUELSTAT® technology detects levels of microbiological contamination and shows whether you have low or high levels of contamination in aviation fuels – giving the results within just 10 minutes.

FUELSTAT® resinae test kit - FHR8
In 97% of all cases of fuel contamination the fungus that goes by the name hormoconis resinae is found in the fuel. Conidia Bioscience’s well known and well tested FUELSTAT® resinae test kit PN FHR8 detects this fungus - accurately, efficiently and timely.

FUELSTAT® resinae PLUS test kit - FHR8-2
Conidia Bioscience has developed the FUELSTAT®  resinae PLUS test kit PN FHR8-2 to detect detailed information on the types of organisms causing contamination in order to also cover the small percentage of cases where the Hormoconis Resinae fungus is not present in significant quantities.

Conidia and Satair recommend using the FUELSTAT® resinae PLUS test kit PN FHR8-2 to ensure complete detection of bacteria, yeast and moulds.

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