Hartwell Trigger Lock Latch

Hartwell Trigger LockĀ® latches solve most application requirements for quick- accessibility in servicing aircraft through access panels.

Hartwell Trigger Lock® latches are flight-proven latches and offer  the widest range of product standards for style, size, materials, loads, actuation and bolt and trigger offsets.
Some features may vary from one series to the next depending on their application requirements.

  • Actuation: Single or dual button, lever handle or tool.
  • Sealed.
  • Fixed or adjustable bolt offsets.
  • Flush to contour.
  • Dual coil safety spring.
  • Built-in flagging when latch is open.
  • Minimal skin cutout.
  • Ultimate loads from 60 lbs.

Hartwell Trigger


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Satair is the exclusive distributor for Hartwell within the NAM/SAM and EMEA regions as well as for the MRO and broker markets

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Hartwell Corporation is a global leader specialising in the development and manufacture of latches and latching systems for the aerospace industry

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