Order now EDO Waste and Water Tanks Systems through Satair!

Under the terms of the agreement, Satair A/S will assume worldwide responsibility for aftermarket sales, distribution and support during the course of the next five years.

The Waste and Water Tanks Systems are fitted to numerous Boeing aircraft in operation today. EDO Corporation is the sole OEM for the majority of the Boeing applications.


Why should you go for the Original OEM parts from EDO/Exelis?

Boeing Service Letter 737-SL-38-035, dated November 25, 2013
Based on two-years study Boeing recommends the use of OEM separators only, manufactured by EDO/Exelis, to help avoid skin corrosion which could result in 3-10 days unscheduled repair processes, which is extremely costly. Many operators have reverted back to using OEM separators only.


Key Supplier to Boeing for 48 years
High expertise on waste water tank and filtration. Only supplier of Waste tanks and filtration for B737, B747, B757, B767, B777, B737MAX.

The calibrated flow rate from the EDO OEM product is proven to be superior to competitor’s separators in reducing the volume of waste particles that pass to the aircraft exterior. Greater filter path in the EDO OEM canister traps more particles thereby reducing potential downstream issues.



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Satair is pleased to become your global distributor of Exelis/EDO product lines. Our Customer Service Centre is ready to respond to your requirements.