Retrofit Bulletin:

Improved A330/340 Pressure-Holding Check Valve

Eaton has introduced a new pressure-holding check valve as a replacement for the current valve used on A330 and A340 aircraft.

The new valve is a product improvement that corrects the excessive wear found in some valves and consequently reduces maintenance costs.

Eaton and Satair recommend you take full advantage of this improvement by retrofitting your fleet.  


Customer advantages and Satair Offerings

This improved product incorporates state-of-the-art design features, yet is 100% interchangeable.

Reliability improvements include:

  • Reduced removals and inspections.
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • Improved aircraft dispatch reliability.
  • Purchase price maintained in line with previous product.


Technical advantages and specification

  • PN 20K0032 supersedes PN 9843169L.
  • Applicable for: A330 and A340 aircraft.



  • Examination of returned 9843169L units showed evidence of rotation of internal components, rubbing - such as scoring of outlet body half - and wear on spider legs.
  • Investigation showed that the action of the spinning internal components coming into contact with the valve body as the valve closes may initiate or contribute to these failures.


Design features are incorporated to address all known issues with the returned 9843169L units:

  • Harder steel shaft (S143 grade corrosion resistant steel in place of S130), ceramic detent balls and revised shaft groove geometry to prevent wear from operation of detent mechanism.
  • Twin locking valve head arrangement – locking plug used to prevent valve head unscrewing from shaft.
  • Wider diameter spring seat on spider – spring can be rotated in either direction without catching edges of spider.
  • Spider locating lugs – spider locked in position in outlet body half and unable to rotate.

Quantity per aircraft: 4 each on A330 and 8 each on A340.



  • Eaton SIL K2523-28-003 issued June 2013.
  • Airbus SB A330-28-3120R0.
  • Airbus SB A340-28-5058.
  • ATA chapter: 28.
  • Cage code: K2523.

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