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Retrofit Bulletin:

Improved Eaton A320 Family Refuel Coupling Element Assembly

A320 family operators have reported leaks from the fuel coupling element assembly. As a consequence, Eaton has introduced a new and improved element assembly which is distributed worldwide by Satair.

Eaton and Satair recommend you take full advantage of this improvement as we offer attractive discounts for fleet-wide retrofits as well as a full 36 months spares warranty.


Customer advantages and Satair offerings

  • The new improved design addresses leakage issues that can cause delays or cancellations.
  • The new PN 25R0017 is Airbus standard.
  • 36 months warranty instead of 12 months on SB modification.
  • Fleet commonality – only one PN to administer.
  • Attractive discounts for fleet-wide retrofits.

Technical advantages and specification

  • The refuel coupling element assembly upgrade, PN 25R0017, supersedes the previous refuel coupling assembly, PN 0725145.
  • Applicable for: NHA refuel coupling PN 0725185 on which PN 0725145 and PN 25R0017 are fitted.
  • The upgraded part includes new screws with a better torque transmission interface and higher strength capability.
  • The new screw has a drive interface, off-set cruciform, which is widely used as an aerospace fastener and designed for torque-sensitive applications.
  • For the hidden screw fitted to the new PN 25R0017, a separate tool,
    PN 99-0032, has been introduced. The new tool cannot be used on the existing element assembly, PN 0725145.
  • Quantity per aircraft: 1 each per refuelling point.



  • Eaton SB 0725175-28-01 issued February 2014.
  • EDES 2061 issue 01, Eaton CMM and IPL 28-25-40, Eaton SPM 20-00-01.
  • Cage code: K2523.
  • ATA chapter: 28.

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Since 2010, Satair  is the exclusive, authorised distributor of the sale of commercial airframe fuel system spares for Eaton Titchfield, cage code K2523 (formerly also U1918 and U9084).

Eaton’s fuel systems product line includes airframe fuel pumps, valves, actuators, pressure switches, temperature sensors and other components related to aircraft fuel systems.