Consumables and Expendables

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Materials identified as raw material, composites and chemicals are indicated as Consumables & Expendables and are handled within the Airbus Standard Parts Team.

These materials cover e. g. metal extrusions and profiles, plastic extrusions, wires, cables and protection, seals and strips, insulation material, tapes, paints, adhesives and lubricants, switches and hoses.

These materials are not stocked by Airbus but Airbus is relying on a worldwide partner network to supply and source the material on demand.


How to buy them?

Orders for consumable and expendable parts are to be placed with Airbus (Cage Code D4296) via:

  • AirbusSpares (application on AirbusWorld)
  • SPEC2000 (electronic ordering via SITA)
  • Airbus Standard Parts team

AirbusSpares is the material portal compliant with SPEC2000 and organized in our customers’ main business process domains.

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