Components - Line Maintenance Parts

Line Maintenance Breakdown Parts (LMPs) for your LRU maintenance

A Line Maintenance Breakdown Part is a sub-component of an LRU (Line Replaceable Unit) which may be replaced without removing the LRU from the aircraft. Depending on its complexity, an LMP can be repairable or expendable. A list of applicable LMPs can be found in the Recommended Spare Parts List (RSPL).


How to buy them?

Orders for LMPs can be placed with Airbus (Cage Code D4296) via:

  • AirbusSpares (application on AirbusWorld)
  • SPEC2000 (electronic ordering via SITA)
  • The Airbus Customer Order Desk (COD)

AirbusSpares is the material portal compliant with SPEC2000 and organized in our customers’ main business process domains.

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