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Thousands of small Standard Parts help to keep your aircraft safe and flying. All day, every day. Airbus offers you an extensive range of fasteners, brackets, seals, electrical components and much more hardware as well as raw material and consumables. Both on ad hoc and long-term contractual bases our customers benefit from:

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Our Standard Parts Portfolio

We offer you an extensive range of Airbus Company and Industry Standard Parts, ready for your daily operations. Get the advantage of exclusive Airbus engineering know-how to identify your optimum offer. Our increasing global stock consists of:

EASA Form 1: Upping the quality standard for Standard Parts

All Airbus Company Standard Parts (which are designed by Airbus and have a prefix such as ABS and NSA) are supplied with an EASA Form 1 Authorised Release Certificate. This certificate guarantees that the acquired part is duly qualified by the Airbus Design Office and its manufacturer is fully approved to build the part. The new process aims at strengthening the overall quality standards of the supply chain. When purchasing Company Standard Parts directly from Airbus, the customer can be sure to get the best quality standard an aircraft manufacturer is able to provide. All Industrial Standard Parts continue to be certified with a Certificate of Conformity (CoC).

How to buy them?

Airbus S.A.S. customers
Orders for Standard Parts are to be placed with Airbus (Cage Code D4296) via:

Airbus Americas
Orders for Standard Parts are to be placed with Airbus (Cage Code 3Z9K5) via:

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