Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Game-changing Additive Manufacturing technology for aftersales materials services

In Satair, we are using state of the art technology to industrialize Additive Manufacturing, often referred to as “3D printing”. Additive Manufacturing is the process of joining materials to make objects from 3D model data, built layer upon layer, as opposed to subtractive manufacturing methodologies.
This new technology will allow for efficient production of small batch sizes for both active and out-of-production aircraft programmes.

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Our goal is to leverage Airbus capabilities in plastic and metal Additive Manufacturing technologies, and to devise improved logistics and effective business models for our customers. To enhance our offering of proprietary parts, tools and customised solutions, we identified the certification and supply chain as critical enablers to improve the end-to-end process. We address these challenges in our dedicated Additive Manufacturing Solutions team, which is closely interlinked with Airbus experts and recognised research institutions.

Additive manufacturing offers significant advantages in the production of small volumes and for complex designs. Thanks to extremely short setup times a large number of parts may be produced on an Additive Manufacturing printer. This is particularly beneficial for parts with an unpredictable demand or even out-of-production parts. Moreover, the flexibility of Additive Manufacturing allows us to print spare parts on-demand rather than tying up vast amounts of capital in stocks. In conclusion these main benefits of the technology include:

  • Efficient production of small volumes
  • Reduced lead times
  • Higher part availability & inventory reduction
  • No need for costly manufacturing tooling
  • Part redesign and optimisation weight potential saving 
  • Higher eco-efficiency

To provide this game-changing service, Satair combines extensive Airbus know-how within customer services, innovation, engineering, production and quality.

Joint Projects

Satair is continuously expanding the scope of additively manufactured spare parts, and is looking forward to working with customers and business partners to provide bespoke solutions.


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