360° Battery Portfolio

A battery portfolio offering products from world leading battery manufacturers covering the total aviation market, from commercial to defence, MRO to business jets and helicopters.
  ACME Aerospace
Boeing 777 batteries

 Acme Charger

Specialised in fiber nickel cadmium “Zero Maintenance” batteries, charge control units and converters, ACME provides exclusively through Satair
the B777 main batteries, reblock cells and chargers.



Hawker Enersys
Boeing 777 and military batteries
Hawker nickel cadmium batteries

Hawker Enersys

Hawker Enersys supplies original and retrospective fit batteries through Satair for a wide range of aircraft worldwide including battery and reblock kits of the flight control system on the B777.

  MarathonNorco Aerospace
– commercial and defence
Marathon  A leading company providing aircraft nickel cadmium, vented and sealed cell batteries since 1978. The Marathon Micro Maintenance line utilises the latest in aircraft battery technology resulting in highly reduced maintenance costs while providing improved reliability. Many applications for military products

  Saft batteries Airbus and Boeing OEM
 Soft Battery A leader in nickel cadmium batteries specialised in the new technology of ULM® (Ultra Low Maintenance) batteries with reduced battery life cycle costs and extended life time without compromising safety, performance or reliability. Applicable OEM products for a wide variety of aircraft and helicopters including Airbus, Boeing, ATR, Bell, Bombardier, Dassault, Eurocopter, Embraer, Sukhoi and Sikorsky

  Concorde business jet and defence
 Concorde Manufacturer of premium quality lead-acid batteries. Product lines include valve regulated sealed leadacid batteries, VRB for aircraft as well as flooded lead-acid batteries for commercial and military aircraft.


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