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A319, A320, A321 Certified Service Programme Warranty

With our new Certified Service Programme (CSP), you will experience piece of mind and the feeling of security. In case of a problem, this added warranty covers costs for material and labour. Your battery will provide you with high reliability and low cost of ownership


CSP Warranty Coverage

Our CSP warranty covers service in additional to the manufacturers parts warranty. For batteries no longer under the new Saft battery warranty at the time of aircraft delivery, Satair’s CSP can be extended if the battery has been exclusively serviced by our battery shops in the last 12 months.


CSP Warranty Service Checks:

  • Periodic check (top charger)
  • Regular checks (deep cycles)
  • Overhauls

Our battery shops in Miami, US, and Heathrow, UK, are available 24/7‚ 365 days a year to meet your AOG requirements.


Certified Service Programme

Satair has advanced electronic products using latest technology, performance and
reliability. Working for all battery types.

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