Maintenance Programmes

– From authorised battery shops in Heathrow, UK and Miami, US

Whether you are looking for an outsourcing partner or need to have a surplus partner, Satair battery shops in Heathrow, UK and Miami, US are ready to support you. We offer different service and repair programmes, from ad hoc to scheduled, from standard to fixed as well as leasing options, all customised to our customers’ needs and requirements.
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Menu pricing

Battery is owned by the customer

The most basic service offered – complies with all CMM/OMM and EASA145/Dual Certification requirements. A standard labour cost is established for each of the various service functions. All spare parts required are supplied at extra cost.

The basic functions include:

  • Capacity testing
  • Battery overhaul
  • Battery repair


Standard costing

Battery is owned by the customer

A very popular business model where by Satair establishes a single labour cost for all battery service requirements. The price reflects both the age of the batteries and the volumes of service required and take into consideration the flying hours the battery is subjected to. Fully compliant with all CMM and EASA 145 requirements. The standard labour cost gives the customer certainty of cost and allows more accurate budgeting.


Battery Leasing

All batteries/boxes leased are fully identified as Satair property

With batteries costing between $5k-$10k this option seeks to provide all servicing requirements over a defined period and removes the need for capital expenditure. Classed as an operating lease, the battery ownership is retained by Satair. Subject to country legislation, elements of VAT may be offset against the costs. The customer pays a single monthly cost that is fixed for the lease period.


Buy back & total service provision

All batteries/boxes leased are fully identified as Satair property

Under certain conditions, Satair will buy the full battery stock from the customer and establish a monthly charge including all replacement parts, new batteries and servicing. This option must be contract backed and with customers considered to be financially secure. Injects capital back into the customer’s business. Requires an in-depth knowledge/analysis of usage patterns and battery condition.

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