Implementation of the Satair Integrated Purchasing Programme

Satair has a standardised approach to support the implementation of the IPP® into the customer’s business

The basis for a seamless implementation is a profound analysis of the customer’s consumption data. By analysing the consumption data and understanding the overall goals for total cost of ownership, Satair tailors a targeted solution meeting the objectives defined by the customer.

Accordingly, Satair drafts a solution for cost reductions, hence optimising the handling as well as the financial costs. The solution is aligned with the customer’s objectives alongside a firm and thorough implementation plan.

The implementation plan specifically includes the vendors’ cage codes, parts as well as inventory support and performance measures.

Through close follow-up and constant monitoring of the IPP®, the customer immediately benefits from cost reductions, eased processes, increased parts availability and more integrated supply chain activities.



 Satair IPP


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