Material Planning and Inventory Management

Concepts and methods to optimise inventory


  • Understand material planning challenges specific to each material category, from expendables to rotables
  • Discover methods to achieve efficient material planning and to optimise inventory processes
  • Develop ideas to identify potential savings and continuously improve your operational performance


Target audience: Aviation industry professionals and MROs involved in material planning and inventory management

Duration: 2 days

Prerequisites: Fluency in English, no minimum experience level



  • Being able to choose the appropriate planning methodology in your daily work
  • Improved spare parts availability at an optimised cost level
  • Analysis and review of your existing inventory

Seminar content

Having a look at the challenges of material planning, balancing material availability with holding cost, will demonstrate the importance of professional material planning. 

This seminar has been tailored to support professionals involved in material planning and inventory management. The course demonstrates the theory of planning methodology and inventory optimisation for rotables as well as for expendables.


  • Purpose of holding inventory
  • Role of material planning in the supply chain
  • Specifics to different material categories

Material Planning

  • Demand based forecasting and consumption based forecasting
  • Spares calculation
  • Mathematical models

Cost analysis

  • Cost of inventory
  • Material clustering
  • Economic order quantity

Performance Management

  • Inventory optimisation


  • Inventory Management case study

Team work and training

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