Lease and Exchange options

The Airbus lease and exchange service for proprietary parts enables you to continue to operate your aircraft while unserviceable parts are temporarily being removed and repaired.

The Airbus Repair Management department offers an exchange service for a variety of Airbus proprietary parts in order to perform spare parts repair related issues and protect aircraft operations during the repair time.

Airbus` objective is to offer its customers:

  • Assistance to limit turn around times and to cover urgent unexpected demands
  • Protect aircraft operation and in-time maintenance due to removal and installation in one go
  • Simple access to high quality used spare parts at latest technical standard incl. latest mod and AD conformity
  • Secure the planned layover schedule of the aircraft during maintenance activities

Airbus offers a lease service for Airbus proprietary parts including Airbus insurance parts listed in the purchase agreement and Airbus parts on stock with a sales price > $ 10,000 in order to perform spare parts repair related issues.

For the purposes of this document the term "Lessor" refers to Airbus and the term "Lessee" refers to the customer.

The Lessor´s objective is:

  • To enable the lessee to continue to operate its aircraft while unserviceable parts are temporarily removed
  • No investment and capital binding for high value parts
  • To offer access to latest modification standards of parts
  • To offer regional storage of insurance parts
  • 24/7 single point of contact



The Lessor provides the Lessee with the Lessor’s property for a certain period of time while offering to repair the unserviceable part that is temporarily replaced by the leased part under the Lessor’s responsibility. 
The Lessor warrants that each leased part shall at the time of delivery be free from defects in material and workmanship that could materially impair the utility of the leased part.


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