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Repair Services

Apart from a strong foothold in the distribution business, Satair operates a component Repair and Overhaul Service Center in Singapore that is authorized to repair and overhaul components manufactured by selected component OEMs.

Combined with Satair’s core distribution business, Satair is able to provide a one-stop shop for Consumables & Expendables solutions, component management, repair services and event supply chain management for our valuable customers. Satair’s component R&O Service Center offers services on a wide range of repair in avionics component and accessories.

Satair’s repair center is directly appointed by its OEMs and is having Airworthiness Approvals from CAAS, EASA, FAA, CAAC, DCA Malaysia, DCA Thailand, DGAC Indonesia and ATO Philippines. Satair is the authorized repair center for the following OEMs to support the aftermarket:

  • Holmberg GmbH
  • Siemens Fire Safety
  • Ultra Electronics Ltd, Controls Div.
  • Wittenstein
  • Cassidian Airborn Solutions
  • Stelia Seats

In addition, we have expanded our repair capability and facility to repair Instrument products for LORAL L3 Digital Flight Recorders, United Instruments, Honeywell Altimeter/Indicators and Astronautics Indicators.

Satair repair capabilities encompass roughly 1,200 part numbers and include warranty and after-warranty repairs, upgrades and modifications. The components Satair overhaul can be installed in the following aircraft types A319, A320, A330, A340, A380, B737, Q400 and SAAB 340.
Satair offers a wide range of customized and flexible solutions catered for the customer needs. Repair solutions and services can be in the form of:

  • Fixed pricing repair agreement
  • Time and material repair
  • Exchange pool for key components
  • Warranty repair

Equipment Upgrade/ Retrofits

Satair is proactive in keeping our customers informed of the latest improvements and technologies that have been incorporated into various aircraft components. Whether it is an upgrade by attrition or retrofit, Satair is committed to assist in every way possible to ensure that our customers can reap the benefits of enhanced reliability, economy and operational efficiency.

Repair Cycle Management Services

Satair also serves the general aviation market through value-added in-house repair services and also via the vast network of reputable repair partners. This allows Satair to provide effective repair cycle management services to our many customers in the general aviation market. Satair’s capabilities within general aviation include:

Honeywell BGA
United Instruments

Support for the A380

Supporting a number of OEMs during the A380 IP, Satair has set up the capabilities of Siemens and Wittenstein AG component for the A380 repair.
The expansion includes the set up/commissioning of the state-of-the art ATEC machine and Test drummer from the OEM.

CAAS/EASA/FAA approvals for Siemens A380 Smoke Detectors

CAAS/EASA/FAA approvals for Wittenstein

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Ivor Peck Suh Min



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