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Satair DirectTM is Satair's e-commerce solution that provides our customers with on-line, secure access to order placement and information about order status.

When placing an order via Satair Direct, delivery information and prices are generated on-line. As soon as the order is accepted, the part number reservation is in place. After a short time, the order status is displayed. AOG orders will go to immediate pick in the warehouse, while standard orders will be expedited in accordance with the requested shipment date.

All steps in our internal process (from the time an order is received at Satair until delivery has been completed) are displayed, thus offering the customer full transparency of the order process.


Benefits of Satair DirectTM:

  • Assigned administrator for each customer account, who is assigned to create user accounts within their own company
  • Customized user access with individual username and password
  • On-line quotation and order placement
  • Turn quotation into order
  • Inventory look-up
  • Order tracking
  • Certificate print
  • Direct prints of quotations and orders
  • Shipping information
  • 24-hour availability


Signing up to Satair DirectTM

To sign up for an account you need to be a registered customer with Satair. Click here to learn more about signing up to Satair Direct.

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Satair Contract

To sign up for a Satair DirectTM account please download the Satair Direct contract and fill out the form.

Download contract click here >>

Need help?

If you're new to Satair DirectTM, download your user guide. These printable manuals have info and tips to help you get the most from your account.

Download Admin user guide click here >>

Download Intro guide click here >>

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