Apply for a Satair Direct account

To sign up for a Satair Direct™ account you need to be a registered customer with Satair

To be registered as a customer for a Satair DirectTM account, please download the Satair contract and fill out the form. Send the contract to one of the three following email addresses according to your company location:



Asian Pacific


New customer

Are your company a first time customer with Satair, you will be contacted directly and your request for a Satair Direct account will be processed.


Current customer

If your company is already a registered customer with Satair, your request for an account will be processed and a Satair Direct contract forwarded. As soon as the contract is signed, the dedicated user ID and password are forwarded to you.

If your company already have a Satair Direct account, we will forward your request to you company account administrator, who will be able to provide you with your own user ID and password.

Satair Contract

To sign up for a Satair DirectTM account please download the Satair Direct contract and fill out the form.

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