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Operational Status

Satair DirectTM:

Due to technical maintenance the portal is not available March 17 from 2pm - 8pm (CET)


For any inquiries please contact us on the following telephone numbers:

Europe, the Middle East and Africa
Satair A/S:
Outside office hours: +45 4040 1224

Asia Pacific
Satair Asia:
Outside office hours: +65 6543 0977

Satair USA:
Outside office hours: +1 404 310 1966


Browser requirements

For access to Satair DirectTM please use Internet Explorer 9 or 11. 

We currently have a technical issue for customers using one of the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Firefox 10
  • Safari
  • Chrome

Until further notice you can only get full access with an Internet Explorer 9 or 11 browser as these browsers are fully compatible with Satair DirectTM.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please contact your Satair representative in one of our offices for any requests you may have:


EMEA APAC Americas
Satair A/S: Satair Asia: Satair USA:
Tel: +45 3247 0100 Tel: +65 6543 0977 Tel: +1 404 675 6333
Fax: +45 3251 3434 Fax: +65 6543 0737 Fax: +1 404 675 6311

Satair Direct

Satair DirectTM is Satair's e-commerce solution that provides our customers with on-line, secure access to order placement and information about order status.

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