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What is SatairSpares?

Satair strives to make our customer interfaces easier with a clearer, simpler, better and more harmonized approach between our two channels. Therefore - and as a first step - we are launching a new portal, SatairSpares, which replaces the current Satair Direct.

The new SatairSpares mirrors the AirbusSpares design and has the best functionalities of Satair Direct and AirbusSpares combined into one platform. This step-change over to SatairSpares is only the first step of making your interfaces with us leaner and simpler.

We are working on providing ONE integrated portal to provide more B2C like functionalities in a totally new e-Commerce platform, which we will target to have ready by first quarter of 2019.


SatairSpares achieves three main goals:

  • creating a coherent experience across the two channels i.e. a one company feeling
  • improving the user and customer experience with a common look, feel and functionality
  • increasing the usage of the portal to make your daily life easier


Benefits of SatairSpares:

  • Instant overview of global warehouses and available inventory levels per location
  • Real time Available To Promise (ATP) calculation based on your order demand
  • Shopping basket functionality
  • Price break indicator and easy overview of price breaks
  • Multi line inquiry and ordering


How to get access ?

Please click here for access to SatairSpares.

You need a UserID and Password to enter the portal. If you do not already have an account, please contact your dedicated Customer Order Specialist or contact us here to be set up with an account.



How to get access ?

Please click below for access to SatairSpares. You need a UserID and Password to enter the portal.

Go to SatairSpares 

Need an account ?

If you do not already have an account, please contact our customer order desk to be set up with an account, click here 

Looking for SatairDirect ?

SatairDirect has been closed down and replaced by SatairSpares.

Please contact our Customer Order Desk to get access.