Tool repair and lease

Airbus offers repair and lease services for Airbus and supplier tools

Tool repair service

We offer a full range of repair capabilities for more than 1200 Airbus and supplier tools with a quick turn around time (TAT) ensuring your in-time tool availability and consequently a return of your aircraft to operation as soon as possible.

  • Worldwide repair network
  • Quick and qualified responses to repair orders
  • Repair stations approved by Airbus
  • Repair includes latest technical
  • Repair includes latest technical configuration
  • Competitive prices 


Tool lease service

Airbus has an extensive selection of tools and regularly invests in new stock to support current operators and the growing fleet such as A350, A320neo and A330neo.

Tools available for lease

  • Tools required for special tasks, such as main landing gear change trolleys, engine change equipment or pylon trolleys
  • Rarely used tools, such as test equipment, zero stress jacking
  • Tools for unscheduled maintenance and repair tool kits, such as service bulletin/modification related tools and kits
  • For these and all other tools, please contact us directly


8 TIPS to optimize your Airbus tool operations and be safe

Lead-times vary from 8 to over 52 weeks based on the complexity of the tool and its sub-components. And please note that tools are not stocked items for sales in Satair Group, they are subject to production lead-times. So plan your tasks in advance to allow for potential lead-times.

Download Tool Lease and Tool Kits Capability List

Download Tool Repair Capability List 

Tool Lease Service is an alternative solution much appreciated by Airlines and MROs: we have a wide range of tools for all aircraft types, stock worth over US$150 million, and lease options with immediate and simple use and return.

Download Tool Lease and Tool Kits Capability List

Download Tool Repair Capability List 

Due to technical evolution of aircraft and legal requirements, tools evolve. Check directly with Satair Group for the latest technical drawings approved by the Authorities and by Engineering.

Read more about Airbus Proprietary Tools & GSE in the Flyer.

Be aware that some companies in the market present themselves as a source for Airbus Specific Tools. Note that those companies are not in accordance with EASA requirements since Satair Group is the sole source for Airbus Specific Tools.

Read more about the Identification Rules for Airbus Proprietary Tools.

Complete technical support is available on AirbusWorld for any request about Airbus Specific Tools.

A counterfeit Airbus tool from a non-authorised source increases the risks for different reasons. These are some of the issues that have already happened to companies: aircraft and component damage, personnel injury, loss of any Airbus warranty, compliance issues with the airworthiness authorities.

Read more about the risks due to buying Airbus Proprietary Tools offered by sources other than Airbus in this Official Airbus Letter by Maurice Chretien, Head of Quality Airbus Customer Service and Gregory Mould, Head of Airbus Health & Safety.

Although Tools and GSE are not flying parts, they are still legally bound by the specific documentation requirements of the Airworthiness Authorities such as the CoC, the calibration report, the test report, the CE report and the user manual.

User Guide for the Elevator Platform

User Guide for the VTP Ladder

Documents required for Tools

Detailed information is available in the EASA requirement UG.CAO.00132-001 for Part145 certifications.

For more information please read page 33 and 34 of the European Aviation Safety Agency's User Guide for Tools and Equipment.

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