Standard Requirements For Purchase

Version 10.0

By supplying Products and Services to SATAIR, the Supplier agrees to observe and comply with the following requirements:


All Products shall be appropriately identified, preserved and packed as per manufacturer’s specification and packaging for transportation shall meet ATA 300 specifications or equivalent. Sensitive Products (electrostatic discharge sensitive devices (ESD), refrigerated Products, hazardous materials, etc.) must be identified, marked, preserved, stored, packed and shipped as per manufacturer’s recommendations and applicable regulations. Marking shall be clear and include all special storage and handling instructions. Shelf life limited Products should be delivered with at least 80% remaining shelf life, unless otherwise has been agreed. Shelf life limited products must be marked with cure date or expiration date. This information must be available on products and/or documents. Packing, O-rings and/or seals of class A specified in ATA 300 must be individually packed and labelled. The Supplier shall provide SATAIR with applicable Material Safety Data Sheets for Products designated as hazardous materials. The Supplier shall use all reasonable commercial efforts to accept each purchase order in writing within seventy-two (72) hours after receipt of the purchase order. For purchase orders with AOG priority Satair expects a response within 4 hours and for WSP priority Satair expects a response within 24 hours after order receipt.


All accompanying documents (certificates, delivery notes, etc.) should demonstrate complete traceability throughout all steps of purchase, by stating purchase order number, form tracking number, serial number, batch number or similar. Format and content of the external provider’s delivery documentation package shall be in English. All enclosed documents and other relevant documentation shall be retained, including providing retention period of ten (10) years and disposition requirements. In connection with alternate Products, SATAIR is to accept proof of interchangeability prior to shipment. This process must take place during the order acknowledgement stage. The original certificate should always accompany the Products. However, if a single certificate was used to release a number of Products and subsequently those Products are separated from each other, e.g. through a parts distributor, then a "True Copy" of the original certificate must accompany the items. Products must comply with latest Airworthiness Directive and/or Service Bulletin, unless otherwise specified on SATAIR’s purchase order Product delivered must be the latest revision, unless otherwise specified on SATAIR’s purchase order.


The Supplier shall provide SATAIR with any documentation and other information that supports the export control classification of goods provided under
SATAIR’s purchase order.

The Supplier shall provide SATAIR with the commodity code of goods provided under SATAIR’s purchase order.

The Supplier shall at all times:

  • notify SATAIR of nonconforming processes, Products or Services and obtain approval for their disposition within seventy-two (72) hours after disclosure;
  • notify SATAIR of any conditions which product malfunctions, defects and non-airworthy conditions within seventy-two (72) hours after disclosure;
  • allow SATAIR, SATAIR's customers, and regulatory authorities the right of access to applicable areas of the Supplier's facilities and to applicable documentation, at any level of the supply chain;
  • the use of statistical techniques for product acceptance and related instructions for acceptance by the organisation;
  • notify SATAIR in writing of changes to processes, Products or Services, including changes of their third party providers or location of manufacturing and any significant changes related to the Supplier's approvals and capabilities;
  • have implemented a quality management system; preferably AS 91xx or EN 91xx series or ISO 9001;
  • A220 suppliers must only fulfil all the requirements as established in QMS 09-01. These requirements are available on;
  • prevent the use of suspected unapproved and counterfeit products;
  • flow down to third party providers applicable requirements including SATAIR's, requirements;
  • provide test specimens for design approval, inspection/verification, investigation or auditing, when required;
  • ensure that its personnel is aware of:
    • their contribution to Product or Service
    • their contribution to product safety;
    • the importance of ethical behaviour