What is an AOG event?

When an aircraft suffers an AOG situation, a serious technical problem has been identified, which prevents the aircraft from flying. Every minute the aircraft is grounded is a revenue loss as the scheduled departures will be delayed or cancelled.

What to expect from us

  • Dedicated AOG team
  • Available 24/7 hours 365 days
  • Worldwide support
  • In-stock items ready for pickup within app. 4 hours
  • Online updated order overview of all your orders
  • Key status updates on all your orders via mail

How do we handle your AOG?

Your AOG order is given our highest priority. Please, note that additional AOG fees may apply.

Parts in stock

For Satair.com orders in stock, our warehouse team will start working on picking your items immediately with the aim of having them boxed within a few hours. Our shipping department will contact your nominated forwarder directly, once your box is ready for pickup. The same information is visible in your order overview and is also sent to you via email. 

Parts not in stock

For orders not in stock, we immediately activate all levers in our organisation to source the right solution for your situation. We will place an order with the responsible product line, sub-contractor or supplier and inform you of the Estimated Delivery Date (EDD). Once your order is ready for pick-up, both the forwarder and you will be notified and the updated status will be visible in your order overview.

Do you have questions?

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