Satair Finance – your complete billing overview

Find all your Satair invoices, credit notes, and account statements in one place.

With the Finance module, you are able to access your Satair billing documents fast and easily whenever you need them. You can both look for specific invoices or credit notes and export the monthly account statements from Satair. Use the different filter options to list only the invoices you need to look at and download either individual documents or multiple documents in one go.

Satair Finance features

Filter on document type

In the billing session, select one of the pre-set filters to control which documents to be listed – All documents, Invoices only, or Credit notes only. In “Balance” (which contains your account statements), select the filter All statements, Open statements, or Overdue statements.

Narrow results to a specific billing period

You can refine your search period to current month, current year, or custom. You are able to track documents up to 2 years back in time.

Search for specific or multiple results

Search for a specific PO-number, Document number, or Order number. You can even search for a Part number to track all invoices containing that specific purchase. Search for multiple numbers at once using the multiline query.

Download your invoices

Both individually or in bulk as a PDF file to print or save in your own system. If you select one document, a PDF file of that document is downloaded. If you select multiple documents, a .zip file is created and downloaded containing a PDF file for each of the selected documents.

Export account statements

Choose if you want to view account statements as an Excel file (.xlsx) or a PDF file. Maybe you want to look up specific invoices from an open statement? Simply copy the document number(s) from the exported statement file in to the invoice multiline query search

You need to be logged in to access the Finance module and you need to have the access to the module. Click on the menu in the upper-right corner on, where you normally access Satair Market. 

If you have the rights to view Finance, the Finance icon will appear right next to Market.

If you are already a Market user, you log in using your Satair Market credentials, which is your account email address and your password. In case you forgot your password, it is easy to reset it. Simply click the “Forgot password” button in the login box and you will receive an email with a link to reset and create a new one. In case of multiple users, each user will have to get their own access based on their e-mail and password.

Please contact your company’s Satair Market administrator to get the rights to access Finance. If you don’t know who your company’s administrator is, please contact your Single Point of Contact who will help you get access.

Please direct all billing questions to your local Satair finance department. See contact details below

Ar-team CPH and UK


Ar-team US


Ar-team Singapore and China


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