Satair Market

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Many enhancements and adaptations are coming to Satair Market

We are decommissioning the Airbus Spares Portal and moving key functionality to our existing award-winning platform, Satair Market. Watch the video below and get a first glimpse into the exciting change to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Satair Market is the one-stop shop within the aviation aftermarket. It is an e-commerce platform hosted by Satair, where customers can find offerings from Satair and Trusted 3rd Party Sellers and soon also the entire Airbus parts offering. 
With Satair Market we strive to make buying products for your aircraft - almost - as easy as buying everything else online.

Are they the same thing? No - there is a clear difference between all three, but from a customer perspective, the platform is the same thing, as there is only one platform to search and buy, but different offerings are being provided. Think of it as the Amazon of Aviation. 

Satair Market = the e-commerce platform/solution hosted on
Marketplace = a feature that allows third-party sellers to sell their products on Satair Market.
OnePortal = the internal name of the project that is working on decommissioning the Airbus Spares portal and implementing its key features to Satair Market.

Satair Market allows inquiries and orders for a broad range of aircraft parts in new and used serviceable condition. Our product portfolio ranges from standard hardware material to various OEM parts and tools. Furthermore, as an entity fully owned by Airbus, Satair is the sole authorized provider of structural parts and Airbus tools for all Airbus aircraft families (Source).

In short, the product portfolio, documentation, and features available on Airbus Spares today will be transitioned onto the Satair Market platform. The change will give our customers access to Satair’s entire portfolio of OEM parts, the entire Airbus part portfolio, and used and serviceable material from third-party sellers via a single interface.

The Airbus Spares portal will close in the last half of 2024. Its features and product portfolio will gradually be available on the Satair Market platform, where customers will enjoy an efficient and intuitive buying experience.

The Airbus Spares Portal runs on old technology and can no longer be supported or further developed. To ensure that we can keep supporting our customers with spare parts for many years to come, we are moving the Airbus portfolio and key functionalities to Satair Market. This will ensure a strong user experience and a technology-supported e-commerce platform for the future.