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Over the past year, the marketplace on Satair Market has grown to include 50 third party sellers, ranging from OEMs and MROs to airlines, who list their new, used surplus, and even exclusive manufactured products. With this webinar, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the marketplace on Satair Market and to discuss its transformative impact on both the aviation after market and customer portfolios worldwide.

Through an in-depth exploration of the platform's features and benefits, this webinar aims to equip attendees with a deep understanding of how the marketplace functionality streamlines the process of planning and buying products for your aircraft from different sellers.

What you will get out of this session:

  • Insight into why marketplaces are in the aviation industry.
  • Introduction to the marketplace on Satair Market and how it addresses existing challenges in the aviation after market.
  • Learn how the platform simplifies product discovery, ordering and communication with 3rd party sellers.
  • Discover how the marketplace on Satair Market can significantly reduce lead time, enhance inventory management and expedite project timelines.
  • Understand how the platform strengthens relationships and promotes customization of

Whether you have used the marketplace before, you have questions regarding the purchasing process from different sellers, or you are simply interested in getting to know our platform better, sign up to get access to our webinar and benefit from the valuable insight shared.

About the speakers:

Alexandra Zidariu, Customer Success Manager, Satair marketplace

With over a decade in digital/IT, Alexandra has mastered digital development, programming, and customer service. She’s also a whiz at data analysis, user research, product management, and sales. Alexandra specializes in how people interact with IT systems and the impact of customer feedback on the future.

Madalina-Elena Spoiala, Customer Success Manager, Satair marketplace

Madalina is a passionate business/IT specialist who is especially skilled in communication and analysis from her experience in sales and the digital world. Madalina excels at managing projects creatively and building strong customer relationships in the digital realm.

Allan Riis, Director of the Satair marketplace business line

Allan leads our digital go-to-market efforts. He’s known for innovative thinking and merging business strategy with company goals. With a background in business development, corporate strategy, and consulting, Allan excels in analyzing situations, setting directions, and making successful changes. His experience includes major company restructuring and founding an IT and business consulting startup.