Marketplace for buyers

As a customer on Satair Market, you have access to a wide variety of suppliers and an enriched product catalogue in one platform.

As your dedicated service provider, we never stop advancing our offerings for the benefit of our customers. Especially during these challenging times of our industry. With both used and surplus material from Approved 3rd Party Sellers together with parts provided by Satair, we now give you a wider range of products to choose from.

With our Marketplace solution integrated into Satair Market, you benefit from:

Complete Availability

Get access to a wide range of products that span components, consumables, and expendables and can be found in different conditions such as Used Serviceable Material (USM) and New Surplus

Lean buying processes

Experience a secure, efficient ordering process with direct contact with the sellers via the platform and an expected response time of 24 hours – making the process smart and swift. All stock available is ready to be shipped or has a very short lead time. We do not allow any brokering activities.

Validated Seller Catalogue

Discover all our 3rd Party Sellers – approved in accordance with Satair & Airbus policies. All vital seller documents are available through the platform, where you can always find necessary certificates, contact details, registration numbers, and much more.

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How our Marketplace solution works

In this video, we will guide you through the inner workings of our innovative marketplace solution and how it enhances your Satair Market experience.

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FAQ on how to use Satair Market and the integrated Marketplace solution

For your company to get access to Satair Market, you’ll need to have a purchasing account. To open a purchasing account, please contact our Customer Order Fulfillment. If your company already has a purchasing account, your company’s administrator will need to create a user account for you or you can request a user on the login page for Satair Market

The products span components, consumables, and expendables and can be found in different conditions such as Used Serviceable Material (USM), Factory New, New Surplus, Repaired among other conditions.

After you log in into your account, use the search bar to look for a part number or a name. Results will appear as you type. You can also use the search without being logged in, but you will not be able to see any prices or lead times. 

On the right top part, under the search result, use the Filter function to filter between different Sellers, Conditions, Manufacturers or Certificates.

Products from Approved 3rd Party Sellers are easily identified by a teal-colored ribbon, whereas products sold by Satair are marked with a black ribbon. The “Seller” attribute also identifies the name of the selling company.

You should and can only contact the Approved 3rd Party Seller about the product. Before placing an order, get more clarification on the product by contacting the Seller directly. Click on the Ask seller button and type your question in the chat box. You receive an email notification once the Seller has replied to your question.

To read about the Approved 3rd Party Seller of a product, first, click on the product sold by the Seller. Then scroll down and click on the "Read More about Seller" to open the Seller page.

On the Seller page, you will find all information available about the Seller, such as Approvals, Return and Cancellation policy, as well as Terms and Conditions. Click the “+” sign to expand each section.

To order a product, you follow the same process as if you order a product from Satair. Click on the Add to Cart button and select the desired Quantity.

On the left side of the page, access the Cart overview by clicking on the Cart icon.

After reviewing the order, proceed to check-out by clicking the button Check-out.

You will then be taken to the order overview page where you fill in the PO number, select your desired Ship-to address, and nominate a Forwarder.

If you want to change the default address, click Change Address, and choose another Ship-to address. You can choose a forwarder from our provided list or add your own forwarder by using the Custom Forwarder option. Please insert the Forwarder Account Number you have with that Forwarder and any instructions for the Seller.


If you have placed orders with an Approved 3rd Party Seller, please contact the Seller directly via the chat function to handle the order. For orders placed with Satair (products sold by Satair), our Customer Order Fulfillment can help you.

You can contact the Seller about an order at Order level. Click the message icon and address a question to the Seller in the chat box or reply to any questions addressed to you. You will receive a notification once a Seller answers your question, or the order status has been changed.

If you have a question about a specific Approved 3rd Party Seller product, Seller’s Terms and Conditions, or an order placed with an Approved 3rd Party Seller, please contact the Seller directly. If you have questions on how Marketplace works, please contact our Marketplace team.

Wide network of approved 3rd party Sellers

On Satair Market, you can already find more than 350,000 parts offerings from our approved 3rd party Sellers. Products range from chemicals, consumables, rotables to an extensive range of new surplus parts. You can explore all the approved sellers via the links below. 

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