Aircraft battery servicing – what are your options?

Solutions and services | Jun 23, 2020 | By Satair | 3 min read

Without regular maintenance, the extended idle period that the majority of aircraft are currently in will create problems for even new batteries. However, proper care can retain the life of your batteries and mitigate the need to replace them. So what are your options for aircraft battery servicing?

Amongst the 70 percent of the global fleet currently grounded, there are a lot of different aircraft with batteries in a myriad of different states. Some old, some new, Lithium-ion, Nickel-cadmium, lead-acid, etc., and all of them will require different levels of maintenance or replacement during this lockdown period.

In this article, we will take you through Satair's aircraft battery servicing options, to ensure that you have the information that you need to make an educated decision regarding the servicing of your aircraft batteries.

What are your aircraft battery servicing options?

Regardless of the type and age of the batteries on your aircraft, if this lockdown period is extended any further, we would recommend that you consider some kind of aircraft battery maintenance or service. Typically, we advise that all batteries need to undergo at least a top charge beyond the 90-day idle period—of which many aircraft are now reaching. Beyond that, there are several options that you have at your disposal.

1. Repair & Servicing of Aircraft Batteries

If you find that you are in a situation in which your aircraft battery needs more than a top-charge, but is not fitted for conducting maintenance procedures, there are Battery Maintenance programmes that you can rely on to keep your batteries in working condition. We have authorised battery shops in the U.K, Florida, and Singapore, that can handle either scheduled or ad hoc maintenance.

Shipping your aircraft batteries to and from your location is a no-hassle operation, which follows straightforward shipping certifications to ensure the safety of your batteries.

There are several aircraft battery service options to fit your specific needs, all of which comply with all CMM/OMM, FAA, EASA 145/Dual certification requirements:

  • For the most tailored option, you can select specific services, such as capacity testing, battery overhaul or battery repair, where a set labour cost is applied to each individual service.
  • A more cost-effective option applies a single labour cost for all battery service requirements
  • Custom battery leasing under a monthly subscription is a possibility but is subject to some country legislation
  • Our final option is a buyback & total service provision of batteries. Under a service contract, we purchase your entire battery stock and establish a monthly service charge which covers replacement parts, new batteries and servicing.

While in some cases it will be necessary to procure new aircraft batteries, by merely performing routine maintenance the cost comparison can be a difference between a few hundred euro and a few thousand. It’s the smart choice.

2. Training to do-it-yourself

In some cases, the most advantageous and cost-effective option is to train your own workforce in proper aircraft battery servicing and maintenance. We specialise in offering training courses in the service of all wet nickel-cadmium batteries manufactured by Saft and Marathon. While the process for our training programmes has changed due to COVID-19, the training covers all aspects of aircraft battery servicing requirements.

Get the know-how you need in our Battery Maintenance training

3. Purchasing New

In some situations, there won’t be a way to avoid procuring new batteries for your aircraft. Some aircraft out there are running batteries that are over ten years old. While in a normal operational period those batteries would still have plenty of life, we are coming up on three months of extended downtime with no indication as to when aircraft can begin re-entering back into service. Because we are not in a normal operational period, the circumstances could create problems for older batteries.

If you need to procure new batteries or cells for your aircraft, we’ve got you covered. As aircraft parts specialists, we carry nearly every single battery and cell on the market, and we always keep a full stock.

Part # Description Aircraft
2758:F6177 Ni-Cad Battery A320
416526:F6177 Ni-Cad Battery A320
416548:F6177 Cell A320
410406:F6177 Cell A320
405CH:F6177 Ni-Cad Battery A330
413597:F6177 Cell A330
4059:F6177 Ni-Cad Battery A330
465823:F6177 Cell A330
774403-04:F6177 Lithium-Ion Battery A350
505CH2:F6177 Ni-Cad Battery A350/A380
414984:F6177 Cell A350/A380
024147-000:09052 Ni-Cad Battery B737/B747/B757/B767
024257-000:09052 Cell B737/B747/B757/B767
018550-000:09052 Ni-Cad Battery B737/B747/B757/B767
018520-000:09052 Cell B737/B747/B757/B767
9750B0818:U6335 Sealed Lead Acid Battery B777
9250-0142:U6335 Kit Reblock B777

To get more specific advice directly from one of our experts, you can follow this link.