Ensuring success: Planning your material readiness roadmap

Solutions and services | Mar 11, 2020 | By Satair | 3 min read

Outlining a Material Readiness Roadmap during the Initial Provisioning phase will help to better prepare your Entry Into Service or fleet growth. It's an extensive process to discuss specific parts lists and provisioning documentation as well as secure the supplier partnerships that are required for efficient operations.

Using the requirements stated in ATA SPEC 2000 as a foundation, the Material Readiness (MR) process functions as a guide to the activities that take place to ensure successful provisioning of a new aircraft fleet or an end item for an initial period of operation. 

The Material Readiness Roadmap (MRR) is essentially a plan for providing aircraft spares data for planning and purchasing purposes, planning and recommendation, and consulting in material management processes.

Provisioning Process Timescale

According to ATA SPEC 2000, the transmission of provisioning data should begin well in advance of the first delivery. This is to permit ordering and establishment of support inventories in time for initial operations.

However, the timeframe given in the SSC does not comply with modern-day demands, and Airbus has geared itself to a more flexible schedule to provide shorter lead times for entry into service.

The MR Setup & Conference

The primary objectives of the MR Set-up meeting are to obtain preliminary requirements and operating parameters. Following the set-up meeting, there will be the Material Readiness Conference (MRC), where the primary focus will be to establish an agreement on the final recommendation (provided by Airbus) between Customer, Satair and Supplier.

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Developing the documentation

Following the MR Set-up Meeting, the process of producing, revising, and refining the initial provisioning documentation will begin. A preliminary Recommended Spare Part Lists (RSPL) will be drafted and sent to specified suppliers for their comments and review. Once approved, this will be provided to the customer during the Material Readiness Conference (MRC).

The Definitive Guide to Initial Provisioning of spare parts

Due to their substantial initial provisioning investment percentage, establishing the supplier Line Replacement Units (LRU) can take up the majority of the discussion during the material readiness conference. 

The time dedicated to LRUs during the conference is related to their relative importance. Typically, a conference will last one week. Suppliers, who represent the majority of the proposed LRU investment, will be invited to the conference on behalf of the customers. 

Other material categories within RSPL can also have their own sessions during the conference. However, the overall aim for the MRC is to enable the customer to make their purchasing decisions regarding spares.

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Leading up to service

Following the conference, a process of revision and refining will occur, as entry into service approaches, with the customer purchasing the equipment they consider to be necessary.The target for the airline is to their provisioning stock delivered prior to the entry into service of their first aircraft.

The target of the customers is to have all parts on stock prior to entry-into-service (EiS), however, per the Suppliers Service Contract (SSC) the suppliers are only obliged to provide 50% by EiS.

Used Aircraft

The provisioning period for previously owned aircraft and material readiness review is often much shorter than for a customer purchasing newly-built aircraft. Second-hand acquisitions require information more immediately for provisioning, as a result of shortened entry-into-service lead-times.

As a result, the used-aircraft provisioning process consists of extracting and customising the RSPLs and handing over the documentation to the customer, however 2nd hand operators are not eligible for a free of charge RSPL, and would need to purchase the list.