Highlight reel: Four topics and trends from MRO Europe 2019

Industry trends | Nov 04, 2019 | By Satair | 1 min read

Preparing for the march of digital progress seemed to be at the centre of many topics at MRO Europe 2019. Here is our highlight reel of the top 4 trends and subjects that we encountered.

As Ed Hazelwood, Editor-in-Chief of Aviation Week Network, told us, "I think the MRO industry has to be ready for the move towards digital optimisation. It's in nearly every topic that we have here at MRO Europe."

We couldn't agree more.

And while "digital" was at the centre of many of the conversations, the trends and fields that would be affected by "going digital" did differ quite a bit.

Martin Harrison, Global MD - Airlines and MRO, ICF, spoke about his thoughts on the most urgent disruptor to the MRO industry.

Frank Stevens, VP of Global MRO Centres, Embraer, chimed in with his thoughts on data collection, aggregation and AI. This is a topic we have covered in past articles: Looking at the aftermarket in the digital age, and could a world of purely digital MRO be stranger than fiction?

Vincent Metz also spoke to us about the importance of training new technicians and staff as the MRO industry becomes more digital. This topic is something we've covered in Inside the warehouse of tomorrow and supply chain survival strategies.