How does potable water management work? And what does it cost?

Sustainability | Dec 08, 2020 | By Satair | 3 min read

Proper management of potable water on an aircraft can provide substantial ROI in the form of fuel burn savings and carbon emission reductions. But how easy is a water management system to set up and use?

If you are in a position where fuel and carbon savings are at the top of the list of optimisations for your airline, then investing in a water weight management system is going to provide you with a substantial opportunity for savings.

International Water-Guard's (IWG) Pre-Select system is one of the only potable water management systems on the market that effectively helps you track and manage how much water you are using during every flight.

Water weight management: Are you starting from scratch or further optimising your system?

How does the Pre-Select system work?

Until now, water management has always been a bit of a guessing game. Either there are no processes and ground crews just "fill-to-spill," or they work with often inaccurate analogue water gauges.

Potable water management is much more intuitive with the Pre-Select system. We asked IWG President Steven Bis to describe the system and walk us through the process.

"We designed the Pre-Select to be simple and intuitive. The touch screen is simple and intuitive and completely managed by the flight crew or by dispatch via GSM module upload pre-select. The ground crew filling the water don't even know the system is installed."

"It effectively removes a variable from the process, which airlines don't always have control over—the ground crew. The water overflows when it hits the target specified by the flight crew, and the ground crew get the same visual indicator they do in any fill-to-spill situation."

How does potable water management works? And what does it cost?

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Set-up time

The installation time for a Pre-Select system, including all the power wiring, is about 20 staff-hours. A two to three-person crew can have the system fully installed in a day. Once installed, the savings can begin at the start of the aircraft's next flight.

"Once the Pre-Select system is installed, an airline can theoretically leave it set at 100% full, and just collect the data of water usage on every flight. Once they feel comfortable, they can set the target to a lower level and realise the savings. We suggest setting it to 75% at the beginning so they can realise some savings while collecting the data to further narrow in on the ideal target level," explains Steven Bis.

Dedicated to sustainability

The aviation industry has known for years that potable water usage has been in decline but collectively, we have failed to manage the connection between water weight and its effect on fuel burn.

With the intense focus on reducing CO2 that has been ramping up in recent years, airlines must do all that is possible to cut carbon emissions.

IWG and their Pre-Select system is an effective way to solve the problem of water weight and indirectly wasted fuel, with an innovative smart water management system.

Start saving on fuel costs with no upfront payment

Get the Pre-Select system free of charge. You simply reimburse us each year from the savings you make in your fuel costs. 

It works like this. We supply you with the Pre-Select system. Then you pay us 75% of the calculated savings you make each year in your fuel costs. You get to keep the remaining 25% of your savings. You also get to keep the Pre-Select system as soon as you have paid the cost in full.

If the price of fuel rises, then you’ll save more in fuel costs but your yearly payments will also increase. You’re always free, however, to purchase your Pre-Select system from us at a cost equal to the amount that remains unpaid.

If you have any questions about this offer and how it works, please don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form below.