Making IoT a reality in the aviation industry

Jan 02, 2019 | By Satair | 10 min read

A vast network of interconnected computing devices is already changing the way we live our everyday lives. In the aviation industry, IoT could be the link that connects emerging technologies and allows the digital age of aviation to truly flourish. Read along as we explore how executives should approach the IoT challenges specific to the aviation industry. 

You walk into the bathroom in the morning. A subtle, warm light turns on automatically. As you look into the mirror, it provides a real-time update of your health, instantly updating your doctor with any concerns. Meanwhile, the closet is busy analysing the weather and picking the appropriate clothes for you to wear.

The promise of the Internet of Things is powerful indeed. To some, scenarios like the one above might sound like science-fiction; however, the era of the Internet of Things is already upon us.